Hopeless The Dark Cave Game for Android

There are a lot of games in the Android platform. From racing games to shooting games, there are plenty to choose from in the Google Play store.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Hopeless The Dark Cave Game for Android. This game is a survival horror game but it isn’t really scary (as in graphically scary). It is scary because of the fact that you will only have limited vision and that you have to fend off monsters while rescuing your buddies.

You start off with one cute yellow character that kind of looks like one of Pacman’s nemesis that is wielding a gun. You start off in a cave where your kin are also trapped in that same place.

Since you only have a torch as a light source, you will only be given a limited field of vision. The premise of the game is simple: rescue your friends, kill off monsters, and survive as long as you can. You can kill off monsters by tapping on them onscreen.

Even if the game’s rules are simple, it gets way too challenging the longer you survive. Basically, you just run the course of the game and you will automatically rescue your friends. They, too, wield guns to eliminate monsters. This game is all about precision, agility, and your ability to think and act fast.

Why are those qualities needed in order to finish the game with a high score? These qualities are required because, in the game, the monsters and your friends go up to you much the same way. That means you can accidentally kill off one of your friends instead of a monster (although, monsters in this game can be easily distinguished because of their appearance). The thing about this game is that it speeds up the longer you and your friends stay alive.

This is what most people love about the game because you can really feel the surge of adrenaline. Your heart will pump fast when you’re, say, 5 minutes into the game. Your mind and your reflexes will truly be tested in this awesome survival horror game.

If you’re feeling ultra-competitive, you can join the ranks of international players by going online. You can then share your high score to your social media sites if you want to.

A lot of people rated this game as one of the best of 2015. And rightfully so; this game is so enjoyable in that if you want a quick wake-me-up, this game would be right in the alley.

Probably the only thing I don’t like about this game is the fact that you the game restarts when someone calls you or when you lock your mobile phone by accident.

Still, this game should be on your Android mobile phones as it is really an enjoyable game and it combines cute graphics with wit and strategy as well.

The Hopeless The Dark Cave Game for Android is free to download on the Google Play store.

ES File Explorer App for Android

Do you have a lot of apps and files such as photos, movies, and music files on your Android mobile phone? Then, you need to have a file manager.

Most versions of Android already have a built-in file manager, but they are just very simple and they don’t organize your files the way you want it to. You need to have a more robust file manager app, that is why I recommend the ES File Explorer App for Android.

ES File Explorer is not just your average file manager; it also has a lot of features under its belt. Let’s start off with its Multimedia Explorer. When you store a lot of photos and movies on your phone, other file managers will not give you the ability to preview the photo or video. They just display the label making you guess what it is.

The Multimedia Explorer in the ES File Explorer App gives you thumbnails and previews of what the photo and movie are about. You can easily see them and you can either copy, cut, or delete the photo and videos without any problems.

The next notable feature of ES File Explorer is that it supports multiple cloud storage services. Cloud storage is a Godsend for backing up your files because SD cards and mobile phone’s storage capacity can fail at any instance. ES File Explorer supports famous Cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Yandex, just to name a few.

Okay, so you’ve downloaded a file over the internet and it comes in a compressed file format (.zip or .rar), that is no problem! With the ES File Explorer, it comes with a built-in file decompressor so you can decompress those files and get the contents of those files without you having to worry about getting it.

Is your phone slowing down to a crawl with some app sucking up all of the mobile phone’s RAM? ES File Explorer also comes with a desktop widget where you can monitor your mobile phone’s RAM and kill any Vampiric apps that suck system resources. Just make sure that the Task Manager is enabled (it will depend on your Android version and mobile phone).

If you have a rooted Android mobile phone, the ES File Explorer can also act as a Root Explorer. This lets you go down the deepest corners of your Mobile Phone, giving you access to certain folders such as your phone’s System folder and other folders that are normally inaccessible.

This app also comes in multiple languages such as Spanish, Korean, Japanese, French, and so much more! There is an option to download an additional language pack in the settings menu. So be sure to check that out.

The ES File Explorer is more than a File Manager. And you know what the best part is? You can get all of these features for FREE! There is a PRO version if you want to donate and help the developer, but all of the above features are present in the free version.

You can download the ES File Explorer APP in the Google Play Store.

Nintendo AC Adapter for the New 3DS XL, 3DS, 2DS, DSi and DSi XL

mifiPicture this scenario: You’re playing your favorite Nintendo game on your 3DS console. You’re in the middle of an intense action, and suddenly, your battery ran out. What do you do? What you do is you get the charger so you can get back into the action, right?

But, you were so busy playing that you didn’t notice that you lose your AC adapter on your way to school. That is really bad, you cannot enjoy your Nintendo 3DS console anymore. But, don’t fret! Today, we’re going to look at the Nintendo AC Adapter for the new 3DS XL, 3DS, 2DS, DSi, and DSi XL consoles.

This is the official AC adapter for the portable Nintendo gaming consoles. There are other aftermarket AC Adapters out there, but nothing beats the original. Here is the product description of the Nintendo AC Adapter:

  • Keep your Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, DSi or DSi XL console powered and ready for thrilling on-the-go gaming with this AC Adapter
  • Utilizes a standard 120V outlet to provide ample power and help replenish your console’s battery pack
  • Easily bring the adapter with you for a reliable backup power source thanks to the lightweight design

There really is nothing more to it, other than it’s the official AC adapter from Nintendo. There are a lot of places where you can shop for this AC adapter online. You can try Amazon or Best buy, just to name a few.

I am going to stop here and let the customers persuade you to buy this original AC adapter. Here are some customer reviews I’ve found:

Yusef: “Official adapter for the New Nintendo 3DS XL game console. The Amazon price is cheaper and I was able to price match it to Toys R Us. For a $199.99 game console, it is best to get an official supported adapter and not be penny wise and pound foolish and get a cheap no name brand adapter. Too bad the New Nintendo 3DS XL game console didn’t come with an AC adapter and they force you to buy it separately which falsely makes you think the New Nintendo 3DS XL price didn’t change.”

Kirk: “Though unfortunately not included with Nintendo’s New 3DS systems, this charger is required to fully enjoy your portable console. The design of the box is sleek and sophisticated and the cord on the charger itself is surprisingly long allowing you to play while charging a good distance from the outlet. Though this should come included, the 3DS charger is a must have for any Nintendo enthusiast.”

Ariana: “I was skeptical when I ordered this. Hoping that it would fit my Nintendo 3DS. When I received it it is the SAME charger as the one I got when I bought my 3DS. I had to order this because my cat chewed on my last charger and it didn’t work 100%……


The Nintendo AC adapter only costs $10, which is a little bit expensive, but it’s the original one. If you need to buy an AC adapter for your portable Nintendo gaming consoles, definitely buy this one.

Do Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Really Work?

“Can you hear me now?” “how about now?” ugh! How frustrating it is when you cannot get a signal and you have to run around trying to take or make a call. There are many areas worldwide where “getting a signal” is just not happening. You have to literally hang out the window with your arm outstretched to act as a human antenna to get a signal.

Mobile phone signal boosters not only work but they are necessary in many areas. Of course how well they work really depends on the company from which you are getting the booster from. The further away from the companies tower the less effective the mobile booster will be.

Service Providers

Service providers are in the business of selling you extras when you sign up for service but before you jump on the bandwagon and opt for a mobile booster. Check with different providers to see if maybe their service already reaches your area.

Before you make a decision you will want to ask other people in the area what service provider that they use and how their experience has been. Doing your homework can really pay off when it comes to getting a mobile booster that really works out well.

The Cost

Before you make a decision about which mobile booster to choose you want to discuss pricing options with several different service providers in your area. signal-boosting In some cases your options will be limited and you may just have to take what you can get.

The Question

Ultimately the question still remains; do mobile boosters work? The answer is YES, most of the time. Mobile boosters are largely dependent on line of sight so if your office or home is surrounded by an overgrowth of trees it may be harder to get a really strong signal.

Of course your geographical location in alignment with the tower also plays a role. If you are really far from the tower it is very unlikely that your mobile booster will work well however if other people in your vicinity happen to have a mobile booster from the same provider you can actually get a very strong signal.

If you are considering a mobile booster it is very likely because you are in dire need of one. These can be great tools that can help you to be able to use your mobile no matter where you live.

Beats By Dre – worth the price?

It’s been a busy year for Beats Electronics Company as they launched their new products and services this year. But will Beats by Dr. Dre be able to beat the more established brands like Pandora and Spotify? Well, only time can tell.

As they are playing their way to the top of the market chain for almost 3 years now, it did take some time for them to develop their brand. With its inception by Jimmy Iovine, Trent Reznor and Dr. Dre himself r4i, they were able to create very famous speakers, headphones and other accessories for music lovers. Most celebrities and professional DJs use Beats by Dr. Dre as their essential music tool. Why not? Beats boasts its unrivalled sound performance, gorgeous designs and good usability that anyone can think of.

Since its debut in 2008, they had sure beaten up their competitors with their stylish earphones and headphones with over-the-top recording-studio like sound quality. They have created a whole new experience for music lovers. They can turn ordinary music lovers into music pros because of the sound quality. Manufactured by Monster, the developer only thought of revolutionizing the way people listen to music. They wanted their headphones and earphones to be unique and stand out from other companies’ music products by providing the full audio quality, exactly like what the musicians wanted their music to sound like.

Monster claimed that many people are not really hearing the music creatively and tirelessly put up by artists. With cheap and low-end headphones or earphones, the details, dynamics and the bass are not that evident and could not be truly appreciated. Apart from their exceptional sound, their unconventional slick designs made them the top seller. Here are some of the unique features of Beats by Dr. Dre:

  1. The Beats by Dr. Dre headphones have perfectly designed headband that surrounds its earpieces.

  2. The earpieces themselves fit comfortably on your ears because it is pivotal which you can maneuver base on your needs.

  3. The headphones may look bulky at first but they are collapsible for easy transport. Not all headphones have this feature and most users have turned to earphones because of their portability.

  4. For some headphones, the hinges are hidden because of its unsightly effect but Beats by Dr. Dre was able to transform it into a unique design that makes the headphones unique.

  5. The unique logo design (small letter “b”) that is found on the side of the headphones looks stylish, elegant, and COOL.

Over all, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and earphones will get you head bopping while listening to your favorite music.

HCG and the benefits

When it comes to a field of study like Psychology, it is easy to generalize. What some of the best therapists have realized is that for each person, there is a unique solution. This is because each and every person is unique, and responds both psychologically and physiologically different to similar stimuli.

This plays out across our lives, and is nowhere more evident then in dieting. What works for one person will have little or no effect on another. Hundreds of dietary supplements have been created as a result. One in particular is hCG.

Is hCG the right dietary supplement for you? It takes a particular kind of person to complete the hCG diet. Lets take a moment and answer that question.
The All or Nothing Personality

When it comes to sticking with an extreme 500-calorie hCG diet, not everyone can do it. In fact, one of the biggest complaints people have had with hCG is that they cannot stick with it because they are either to hungry or don’t like the hassle of injections  Nintendo cards.

If you are considering the hCG diet for quick and effective weight loss, then spend some time getting in the right mindset. The next few weeks, and even months may suck. However, with enough determination and forethought, you can make the rest of your life better by only suffering for a few months. When it comes to your health and well being, this is a fair trade off.

Care over Haste

One problem that many people who are on the 500-calorie hCG diet have is that there is no good, continues supply of hCG. Due to regulations produced by the Food and Drug Administration, finding hCG has become increasingly difficult, as only homeopathic versions of the hormone can be sold. As a result, you the consumer are left with trying to find the right product.

If you find yourself in this position, then spend an extra amount of time making sure your supply is good. There are any number of fake products out there, with people hoping to make money off of your need. Don’t give them the satisfaction! Do some research and read what other people say about hCG, and where to get it. In addition, be very careful what kind of hCG you get. It can come in pill form, injection form and many others.

The latest Raspberry ketone supplements – do they really work?

The problem of obesity is rife in the United State, with a third of the population battling obesity. As a result, almost 150 billion dollars is spent each year on medications associated with obesity. Consequently, researchers are interested in safer and more cost effective weight loss slimming products. Raspberry ketone is one of the latest weight-loss products being described as “a miracle in the bottle”. But just what is raspberry ketone? These are chemical compounds that emits fruity aroma and have long been used as food and beverage flavors. However, raspberry ketone was recently touted to have weight-loss potential. Although no official scientific research has been published, it is said that when paired with regular exercises raspberry ketone can effectively aid weight-loss.


Raspberry ketone work by regulating adiponectin (adiponectin is a protein used control and regulate metabolism by the body). In other words, raspberry ketone burns fat in the body because it can cause fat within the body to get broken up more effectively. Moreover, there are yet any know side effects associated with taking raspberry ketone.


On a recent TV show of the Dr. OZ, it was mentioned that raspberry ketone has a way of helping people to stick with eating less food containing high calories by eating a small quantity of raspberry ketone in every meal. The good thing with raspberries is that they are delicious in taste. Moreover, they are rich in fiber, which is an important ingredient in weight loss. High amount of fiber contributes to weight loss in that it makes you feel full for longer. Thus, raspberries are good alternatives to losing weight. However, to get the full benefits of raspberries, it would mean that you have to eat a lot of them, which in essence would negate the full benefits offered. That is why raspberries are now being offered in a simple supplement form.


The recommended dose for raspberry ketone supplements is about 100 mg per day. Compare this with the 90 pounds of raspberry whole fruits you would have to consume in order to get the same benefits. It is worth noting that weight loss is not the only benefit that comes with consuming raspberries. Studies have shown that raspberry ketone helps in maintaining healthy body fat levels as well as promote the health of the liver even if you are already healthy. Just like with any other product, allergic reactions may be possible with the raspberries. However, as mentioned above, there aren’t yet any proven side effects with this product. Nonetheless, pregnant women and small children should not use raspberry supplements as it is not yet proven whether it is safe with them. Moreover, raspberry ketone contains a chemical structure that is similar to Synephrine, which is a stimulant; therefore, if you have high blood pressure, you should exercise caution when taking this supplement.