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Need to know your mario!

Nintendo for the past two decades has been a name synonymous with the word video games. For years, it has entertained millions of people and has made thousands of devotees for its brand. A time travel across the travel of the Gaming Industry and how Nintendo established itself as a game changer and you need […]

Awesome device to move around

If you are looking for a new thrill way to ride from one place to the other then hoverboard is the perfect option for you. For the teenagers and all other people always looking for adventure and thrill, this vehicle is an amazing thing for an adventurous ride. Due to its popular demand it is […]

MultiDownload 2.1 Homebrew Application for the Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS can now have homebrew applications installed on the portable game console with the use of R4 3DS cards. Now, I always mention that homebrew applications are a godsend for Nintendo 3DS owners. That is because they provide a lot of nifty features that are not present in the original Nintendo 3DS firmware. […]

5 Upcoming RPG Titles To Look Out For

In the recently concluded E3 2016 event, there were a lot of promising RPG games that were showcased from different companies and game developers. Today, I want to talk about the 5 promising and upcoming RPG titles that you should look out for. These titles will be released later this year and early next year. […]

Hopeless The Dark Cave Game for Android

There are a lot of games in the Android platform. From racing games to shooting games, there are plenty to choose from in the Google Play store. In this article, we are going to talk about the Hopeless The Dark Cave Game for Android. This game is a survival horror game but it isn’t really […]

ES File Explorer App for Android

Do you have a lot of apps and files such as photos, movies, and music files on your Android mobile phone? Then, you need to have a file manager. Most versions of Android already have a built-in file manager, but they are just very simple and they don’t organize your files the way you want […]

Nintendo AC Adapter for the New 3DS XL, 3DS, 2DS, DSi and DSi XL

Picture this scenario: You’re playing your favorite Nintendo game on your 3DS console. You’re in the middle of an intense action, and suddenly, your battery ran out. What do you do? What you do is you get the charger so you can get back into the action, right? But, you were so busy playing that […]

Do Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Really Work?

“Can you hear me now?” “how about now?” ugh! How frustrating it is when you cannot get a signal and you have to run around trying to take or make a call. There are many areas worldwide where “getting a signal” is just not happening. You have to literally hang out the window with your […]

Beats By Dre – worth the price?

It’s been a busy year for Beats Electronics Company as they launched their new products and services this year. But will Beats by Dr. Dre be able to beat the more established brands like Pandora and Spotify? Well, only time can tell. As they are playing their way to the top of the market chain […]

HCG and the benefits

When it comes to a field of study like Psychology, it is easy to generalize. What some of the best therapists have realized is that for each person, there is a unique solution. This is because each and every person is unique, and responds both psychologically and physiologically different to similar stimuli. This plays out […]