Need to know your mario!

Nintendo for the past two decades has been a name synonymous with the word video games. For years, it has entertained millions of people and has made thousands of devotees for its brand. A time travel across the travel of the Gaming Industry and how Nintendo established itself as a game changer and you need to read few things about it.

The gaming industry

What initially began as a pastime for the wealthy kids of the 1970s, and later a curiosity for the technology buffs, revolutionized into a dominant money earning industry in the late 90s and early 2000s. Initially launched as chips and CDs, the gaming industry has taken by storm the control of all domains and it is available in every format starting from home consoles to games on websites. The video gaming industry now stands tall in the global market and has taken an indisputable position as an industry which generates billions of revenues every year.

The evolution

The early forms of video games trace back to the days of craning scientific achievements, and one such achievement- Cathode Ray Tube was instrumental in the development of the very first electronic games. Video games slowly became a matter of scientific study and establishment of programming excellence. Not until the 1980s, the game changers of Nintendo changed the total idea of Video games and created a brand for them and the video games as a whole and shook the world.

The arrival of nintendo

The 1980s was the period when the gaming industry flourished and became relevance amongst the people. Many industries came up with many games and this lead to flooding of games with the least quality. The gaming industry suffered a major setback due to this in the mid 80s and this is when the Nintendo Entertainment System or the famously branded Nintendo was launched. Nintendo through its innovative ideas and quality went on to become an instant hit across the world.

Nintendo knocks every door

Over the next couple of years, Nintendo single handedly bolstered the growth of the gaming industry. Their games Super Mario and Zelda knocked every door and became a craze amongst the people. These games later on became a part of folklore as one of the most successful games to have been ever introduced.

The market monopoly

The Nintendo continued its successful run by launching a series of innovative gaming ideas, which included merging the pet idea ‘Game Boy’ with a successful external franchisee ‘Tetris’. N64- Nintendo 64 was released subsequently and it created a rave amongst the users and set lofty standards for other gaming companies. The innovative and handy Game boy pocket was an instant hit and was bought by all.

Nintendo and the future gaming

Nintendo though shaken from its cliff, continues to be seen as a vital cog for the future of the gaming industry. Nintendo DS were the pinnacle of eruption of portable games and the latest development Wii and Nintendo DSi have changed the perspective of the gaming industry. These technologies have certainly created a revolution and have demanded serious competition from the competitors’ technology wise.

From here it is going to be a tight neck race for Nintendo, but its vast experience in the gaming industry will prove to be vital in the long run