The latest Raspberry ketone supplements – do they really work?

The problem of obesity is rife in the United State, with a third of the population battling obesity. As a result, almost 150 billion dollars is spent each year on medications associated with obesity. Consequently, researchers are interested in safer and more cost effective weight loss slimming products. Raspberry ketone is one of the latest weight-loss products being described as “a miracle in the bottle”. But just what is raspberry ketone? These are chemical compounds that emits fruity aroma and have long been used as food and beverage flavors. However, raspberry ketone was recently touted to have weight-loss potential. Although no official scientific research has been published, it is said that when paired with regular exercises raspberry ketone can effectively aid weight-loss.


Raspberry ketone work by regulating adiponectin (adiponectin is a protein used control and regulate metabolism by the body). In other words, raspberry ketone burns fat in the body because it can cause fat within the body to get broken up more effectively. Moreover, there are yet any know side effects associated with taking raspberry ketone.


On a recent TV show of the Dr. OZ, it was mentioned that raspberry ketone has a way of helping people to stick with eating less food containing high calories by eating a small quantity of raspberry ketone in every meal. The good thing with raspberries is that they are delicious in taste. Moreover, they are rich in fiber, which is an important ingredient in weight loss. High amount of fiber contributes to weight loss in that it makes you feel full for longer. Thus, raspberries are good alternatives to losing weight. However, to get the full benefits of raspberries, it would mean that you have to eat a lot of them, which in essence would negate the full benefits offered. That is why raspberries are now being offered in a simple supplement form.


The recommended dose for raspberry ketone supplements is about 100 mg per day. Compare this with the 90 pounds of raspberry whole fruits you would have to consume in order to get the same benefits. It is worth noting that weight loss is not the only benefit that comes with consuming raspberries. Studies have shown that raspberry ketone helps in maintaining healthy body fat levels as well as promote the health of the liver even if you are already healthy. Just like with any other product, allergic reactions may be possible with the raspberries. However, as mentioned above, there aren’t yet any proven side effects with this product. Nonetheless, pregnant women and small children should not use raspberry supplements as it is not yet proven whether it is safe with them. Moreover, raspberry ketone contains a chemical structure that is similar to Synephrine, which is a stimulant; therefore, if you have high blood pressure, you should exercise caution when taking this supplement.